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Ignited Dreams Business Assessment Session

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Are you growing a business without clear direction on what to do next week, month, or year? The reality is VISION is VITAL to success! While you may be clueless about what steps to take, the solution, bright soul, is closer than you think. Look no further than our comprehensive Business Assessment Session! What will we cover in this lesson session? Branding . Brand Identity · Visual Identity · Messaging . Brand Perception . Brand Consistency . Your Ideal Brand . Your Brand Game Plan Offers . Offer Clarity . Value Proposition . Pricing and Packaging · Offer Feedback . Gaps and Opportunities . Offer Creation . Offer Delivery . Ideal Offers · Offer Assessment Worksheet Lead Generation · Target Audience . Lead Magnets . Landing Pages and Forms . Lead Nurturing . Ideal Lead Generation · Lead Magnet Assessment Worksheet Marketing & Sales · Marketing Channels · Marketing Content · Other . Sales Process . Sales Conversion . Your Marketing & Sales Game Plan Company Systems . Operations and Workflow . Customer Support and Satisfaction · Analytics and Data . Scalability and Growth · Ideal Systems . Your Company Systems Assessment Worksheet By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of your business's strengths and weaknesses, the tools, knowledge, and most importantly, a solid plan to take your business to new levels.





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The Calamity Creatives

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