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So you Wanna Have Passive Income




Self Paced

About the Course

This is the perfect course for anyone looking to learn how to make money with passive income.

This course will teach you all the important strategies and information you need to know about creating, setting up, and managing successful passive income sources, from affiliate marketing and info products to auto-responder series and local businesses.

You'll also learn about investing your passive income to create more and setting aside a few hours a week to focus on passive income.

Some topics we cover:

  • what passive income is

  • the different types of passive income

  • recommended resources

  • techniques for creating info products

  • writing and publishing books

  • creating auto-responder series and more.

Get ready to learn essential tips and tricks for creating and sustaining passive income that will give you the financial freedom you desire to live your ignited dreams!

Your Instructor

Shay Starkey

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