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So you Wanna Sell Products




Self Paced

About the Course

Have you ever wanted to create and sell digital and printable products to your small business customers?

In this course, 'So You Wanna Sell Products', we'll show you how to create high-value products without wasting your time on products that no one wants!

You'll learn how to

  • develop products that people want to buy

  • market and promote your products effectively

  • reuse existing content

  • run paid challenges

  • create video courses

  • set up a template to help you create products faster.

  • turn an existing written course or ebook into a higher-priced package

  • create a monthly membership site

  • offer email or Skype coaching

  • create a group coaching program

  • bundle several smaller products into a new bundle

And so much more in this self paced course.

As with all my self paced courses you will also receive 1 ~ 30 min 1:1 to answer any questions you have.

You will also be invited to a private, vibrant community of visionary entrepreneurs seeking connection, collaboration, and support so you can continue your ignited journey.

We're a bunch of go-getters just like you, eager to build meaningful relationships, bring awesome ideas to life, and make magick happen.

Your Instructor

Shay Starkey

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