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7 Motivational Tips to Make Progress

Ready to put an end to procrastination and start making progress?

Try out these seven practical tips to get yourself motivated. Experiment with the suggestions over the next few days and weeks to determine which ones are the most effective for you. When you find yourself stuck in a cycle of procrastination, refer back to this list and implement one or several of these tips – your productivity will ignite!

Tip #1: Pick Something Small

Frequently, we tend to delay doing something because it looks too complex. There appears to be far too much for us to manage, so we choose to forget about it temporarily. Regrettably, this is an ineffective coping mechanism. A better approach is selecting a minor task that you can do now. That will help generate the impetus needed to start taking action.

Tip #2: Set A Time And Go

One foolproof strategy for beating procrastination is to use a timer. It's built into your phone and smartwatch, so you don't need to buy anything new. Set it for fifteen or twenty minutes, and work on something that you've been avoiding. This method works equally well whether its sorting through your closet or filing those expense reports. If twenty minutes seems like too long, start with ten; the point is just to make yourself get started.

Tip #3: Bribe Yourself

When it comes to motivation, sometimes a bribe is the best way to get going. Put in an hour of work on your home improvement project and then treat yourself to an episode of your favorite show. Or buy that new gadget or pair of shoes you've been wanting after you finish painting the living room. Figure out what will motivate you, and then use it as a reward at the end of the day when feeling tempted to delay progress.

Tip #4: Find An Accountability Partner

Make a connection with somebody else who's attempting to increase their work productivity or break free from procrastination tendencies. Check in with one another on a regular basis. Exchange your desired achievements and what you intend to accomplish during the day. Knowing that someone will expect an update from you helps propel you towards action. Additionally, seeing the other person taking similar steps is highly motivating. Give it a try.

Tip #5: Measure Your Progress

If you’re working on something that takes a long time, like trying to lose thirty pounds, it can be easy to get discouraged and give up. Don't fall into this trap! Keep yourself motivated by tracking your progress. Make a chart or spreadsheet, and write in a journal. Come up with ways to measure your improvement, and use them to stay focused.

Tip #6: Remind Yourself Of Your Why

The reason you haven’t completed that task yet is because you are lacking motivation. Take a minute and think about why it's important to finish it: Is it so you can get your tax return? So you can have more time with the kids? Or do you need the clothes that you want to wear? Find out what the goal is, write it down and make sure to keep it in sight. Look at this note each day before you start working.

Tip #7: Just Start

Last but not least, the most productive advice of all: take the first step. All you need to do is begin. It's as simple as that. Pick something to start with, no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem. Everything will become easier once you get going and gain some traction.

If you have any questions along the way, want to share your own tips, or just connect with others following along in the challenge, head on over to our Facebook group and we'll be there to support you and answer any questions. Laters,

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