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Crafting Facebook Posts That Will Reach Your Audience And Get Them To Click

Facebook, like most things online, changes all the time. Therefore, you must stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to knowing how to craft a Facebook post that will reach your audience and get them to click that will stand the test of time and algorithm changes.

  • Use Images Properly – Ensure that images are the right size and further the story in the information. On Facebook, if you’re going to use an image as an advertisement they prefer that there isn’t much text on the image so keep that in mind if you plan to use the post for an advertisement later. Don’t forget to fill in the description area of your image instead of only putting your post in the post area. That way when it’s shared the description goes with it.

  • Share Relevant Content – There is so much going on that it’s hard not to get off topic and share something you just happen to like, or think is funny. But business after business has discovered that this is not a good idea. Stay in your lane and share content that is relevant, accurate, and honest. This will ensure that people who click through once, click through again.

  • Tailor Your Post to Facebook – Don’t make your Facebook posts look just like your Pinterest or Instagram posts. Create them especially for Facebook based on the content you’re wishing to share with your audience there. If you’re going to share it more than once, change it up a bit so that it looks slightly different.

  • Try Using Different Post Lengths – Your audience will dictate what they prefer so try using different lengths of posts to find out what works. In some cases, people really appreciate a long post and will click through to learn more, but in others, they prefer that you get to the point. You’ll have to test that out.

  • Share More Than Once – On Facebook, you can share a post more than once and you should especially if it’s important evergreen content and your audience is growing. Just change it up a little so that the post looks different even though when they click through it’s the same content or blog post.

  • Ask a Question – If you want more engagement, you should ask questions when you post on Facebook. Share a good article about an issue your audience cares about and ask them to come back and comment on what they think about the article on your post.

  • Make a List – People like bulleted lists even in Facebook posts. A Facebook post can be quite long so breaking up the look of it is a good idea. Learn how to make spaces, and create a list that looks bulleted so that people can scan to read.

  • Use Video – Video gets more reactions, especially if it’s a video of you talking to your audience. A great way to get video into your Feed is to conduct a Facebook Live. After you’ve conducted the live event it’s there to see until you take it down. Switch out the cover, add some information in the comments and above the video and you’re good to go.

  • Pull a Quote from the Content You’re Sharing – Make them curious about the content that you’re sharing by pulling various quotes from the content that will peak their interest. For example, if you have inside the content something about how eating bone broth will make you healthier you can ask the question after writing something about health, “What type of broth is best for your health?”

  • Add Emojis – One thing that really draws the eye to a post these days are Emojis. It lets people know the tone of the written message and gets the attention of scrollers. There are all sorts of emojis that you can use for this purpose.

  • Tell Your Audience What to Do – Always tell your audience what to do so that more people can see the content. Ask them to like, comment, and share so that no one misses out on the wonderful information you’re sharing.

  • Advertise Instead of Boosting – It’s very tempting to click that little “boost” button but some Facebook ad experts are stating not to do it that way but instead go into Ad Manager and create your ad with the post you want to promote manually.

It may take some experimentation to find out what works best for your audience but most of the time, regardless of how they change the algorithm these tips will ensure that your posts get seen by more of your audience each time. What’s great is that the more engagement you get on each post, the more likes, the more shares, the more clicks the more Facebook will view your content as important.



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