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Let your voice be heard!

No matter your preferred method of communication, using your voice to help others can make a huge positive impact. Dropping a text message to encourage a friend, speaking up for someone who can’t find their voice, or simply raising awareness for a cause you care about, using language to promote kindness is a powerful way to make a difference. Not only that, but it’s an opportunity to express yourself and show people in your life how much you care. Whether you like to express yourself through writing, speaking, or performing, there are ways to use your talents and make the lives of others more meaningful. After these ideas, you’ll be able to use your special skills or talents to send some love in the world today!


Some of us are blessed with the ability to speak our mind, and it is one of the strongest tools we have to convey our feelings. If you're one of those people, take advantage of it. Instead of just talking to those around you, use your vocal skills to help others in need. Make recurring calls to elderly people in nursing homes, offer to support members of your community who are struggling, and make sure your neighbors are doing alright by dropping by for a visit. Maybe even reach out to your relatives to let them know that you care.

Use your voice to showcase your passion for random acts of kindness, use it to reach out to those who may need a friendly conversation and a helping hand, and spread love in your community. With a few kind words, you can brighten someone's day and make the world a little kinder.

Written Options

Other folks might feel intimidated about actually speaking to those in a way that makes them feel vulnerable, especially if they suffer from social anxiety or are more introverted. However, there are still plenty of ways to show others you care and brighten their day without relying on spoken communication. If you're a better-written communicator, consider sending an email of thanks to a co-worker, or writing a short note on a post-it to surprise a loved one. You could also submit a review of a colleague on LinkedIn expressing your appreciation, or leave a kind comment on a blog post you enjoyed. There are plenty of ways to spread kindness through meaningful written communication.

Artistic Expression

You don’t have to use your voice to make a positive change in your community - sometimes silence can be the loudest form of action. Besides using your voice, you can also express yourself in other ways, such as through arts and crafts. For example, you can volunteer to create a mural for your neighborhood or teach an art class at your local community center. If there’s a nursing home in your area, you might also help out by organizing art activities for the residents. Whether you use your voice or not, you can still make sure your contribution is heard and appreciated by the people who benefit from your good deeds.

Body Language

Finally, another example of a way to communicate goodwill is in the subtle art of body language. A kind smile, hug, or simply being present with someone can make a tremendous difference in their life and can act as a sign of support when words may not be enough. Whether they're going through a difficult time or simply need some extra support. It's okay to tell someone that you're there for them even if you don't have the exact words to make it better.

Physically being present with someone can be a great sense of comfort and solace to many, and it is often something that is in our power to offer. Even a little smile of understanding or an encouraging nod can be a great source of strength.

Consider these inspiring ways to give back through random acts of kindness. While some might feel small to you, they can have an immense impact on the lives of those around you. Why not surprise a loved one with flowers, pick up trash in your local park, buy a coffee for a stranger, or simply take the time to listen to someone who needs it? Our world can be kinder if we all put a little thought into it.

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