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Read Something Positive 

If you like to read, consider including reading positive material into your morning positivity routine. Reading affects the brain differently than other kinds of sensory input. Studies show that when we read fiction, we hallucinate. When we read nonfiction, we process the material in different centers of our brain than we do for audiovisual material.

Some people respond better to this type of stimulus than they do to other kinds. If you are one of them, reading might be the best technique for your morning positivity routine. Positive material will give you all the other benefits of morning positivity and add brain strengthening, vocabulary building, and stress reduction.

What kind of material should you read? Anything positive will do. Avoid things from news outlets unless you have them filtered to remove negative articles or visit a site like the Good News Network. Otherwise, you are going to see a lot of negative things that will negate the effects of your other efforts.

Self-help material is always a good choice. There is an endless variety of books, articles, essays, magazines, and quotes you can devour to help you become more positive or work on various aspects of your personal growth.

Inspirational material is another good option. This does not mean religious (but positive religion and spirituality materials are also good ideas). It means material meant to inspire you -stories about overcoming obstacles, making your dreams come true, and so forth.

Some people like to read passages of affirmations or philosophy during their reading time. Readings about gratitude and how to practice it are also popular. It really does not matter what you read, as long as you do read.

How long should you read each morning?

It depends on your schedule, personality, and patience, of course. Less than five minutes is ineffective; ten minutes is better. A half-hour devoted to reading positive material is ideal, but few people can make that happen on a regular basis.

Decide on something that works for you and can fit in your schedule and stick with it. On days when you have more time, there is nothing that says you cannot read for longer than you intended. You cannot make up for lost time, but you can certainly add additional time!

Reading is one of the great boons of civilization. Why not see if it can improve your life by using it for your morning positivity routine?

If you would like to learn more please join us for a month of Gracious Gratitude for Abundance and Clarity!

We provide you with the tools and resources you need to have more gratitude in your daily life and would love to have you join us!

See you there!



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