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Who is really in control? Intuition or Ego?

Life is full of choices, but how do we know which ones are the right ones? Listen closely, my friend, to that little voice inside you. Your intuition is the compass that will guide you towards a life of joy and purpose. But beware, if you let your ego take the wheel, you may find yourself on the road to success, but with a nagging feeling of emptiness and unfulfillment.

Lady standing holding two faces, in each hand. One with a bitter face, one happy face

There's no one-size-fits-all formula for distinguishing between intuition and ego, but there are some tell-tale signs that we’ll go over below that can help steer you in the right direction.

Let's take a moment to ponder on these distinctions:

  • Ego-based decisions are grounded in fear and self-preservation. If you're considering pursuing medical school solely for the purpose of amassing wealth and security, that is nothing but ego. And if you're too afraid to make a move on the gorgeous lady living next door, well, that too my dear friend, is nothing but a manifestation of your own ego.

  • Ego-based decisions typically have emotion connected to them. Sometimes, the best decisions come from a place of intuition that catches us off guard. It's that "aha" moment that strikes us when we least expect it - like when we're knee-deep in mowing the lawn and suddenly the idea of becoming a dog breeder pops into our head. But be warned, your ego might put up a fight, trying to convince you to stick to the status quo. Trust your gut and take the leap into the unknown. Who knows what wonderful adventures await?

  • Ego-based decisions consider external results. Are you strapping on your writing boots with the sole intention of churning out a chart-topping novel, or are you diving into the creative abyss simply because the thought of crafting a book sends chills of excitement down your spine? Is your motivation driven purely by the outcome, or do you revel in the process and the thrill of putting pen to paper?

  • Ego-based decisions involve rationalization. Your ego has a knack for sweet-talking you into believing that its preferences are the best ones. It whispers in your ear, "You know you won't get that job. Just imagine how crushed you'll be when it falls through. But hey, being a supervisor isn't so bad. You can still lead a satisfactory life."

Let's face it, sometimes we let our worries and doubts get the best of us. We convince ourselves that we're not capable of achieving greatness because we're afraid of what might happen if we do, or if we don't. But really, these are just feeble excuses we use to justify our reluctance to take risks and pursue our dreams. A personal example of this for me is the fear of being seen. As an introvert it was difficult to imagine my future in the line of work that I am here to do, but tis simply my own fears that we’re holding me back.

My next fear? The fight… (stay tuned)

  • The ego tries to justify itself with facts, figures, and logic. Your intuition knows what's up and doesn't need any fancy tricks to make you believe it. When you find yourself trying to logically convince yourself of something, that's just your ego making noise. Trust that gut feeling and let your intuition guide you towards the right path.

  • Intuition doesn’t judge. When we tap into our intuition, we unlock a magical realm where judgments and assessments of right and wrong simply dissolve. Instead, intuitive thoughts flow effortlessly, carrying a sense of calm, relaxation, and peace. There's a subtle yet powerful recognition of universal truth that underpins these ideas - a deep knowing that transcends mere logical reasoning.

  • Is the expected gratification coming from within or is it external. Let’s say, you're standing in front of a brand new BMW. For me this would be a Cadillac cts, just sayin, and you can feel your heart racing with excitement. But wait, would you still choose to buy it if no one else would ever know? Is it your love for German engineering that drives you, or the thrill of driving a precision vehicle? Do you make decisions based on other people's opinions, or do you prioritize your own sense of fulfillment? It's time to tap into your inner motivations and make a choice that truly satisfies you, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

While the ego can be very limiting, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong.

Look at it like this. Your ego is like a devoted guard dog, fiercely loyal, and always ready to protect you at all costs. It thinks it knows what's best for you and is convinced that it's acting in your best interest. But here's the thing - sometimes the ego can be a little overprotective, and that's when things can get tricky. Fear is its go-to weapon, and it knows just how to use it to keep you in your comfort zone. It's no surprise that ignoring the ego can be challenging, but with a little practice, you can learn to tame the guard dog and break free from fear's grip.

Unlocking your potential means recognizing when fear is hindering your path towards a greater and more fulfilling future. Fear can be a wise counsel, but it can also sabotage your hopes and aspirations. It's important to listen to your inner voice, but don't let fear be the only one calling the shots. So, when faced with a daunting decision, remember to listen carefully to both the voice of caution and the voice of adventure. By doing so, you can discover the path that leads to a truly ignited life.

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Engage in exercises that boost your intuition. Download my free Daily Practices to Boost Your Intuition and Make Better Decisions and sign up for my free 7 day Challenge to empower yourself and make a choice that will lead you towards genuine happiness.

Observe the world around you with a curious mind. Ask questions, listen carefully, and pay attention to your body's responses. I’ll drop the link below. Remember to practice meditation, journal, or some creative expression to access the deeper parts of yourself and until next time, be kind to yourself and others.

Stay ignited. Much love.



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