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Developing mindful friendships involves being aware of your choices and intentionally selecting those that align with your values and goals.

Gain insights on how to choose friends that align with your values and goals, handle conflict, and how to gracefully cut them off if the time arises.


In this Collection you will receive:

  • 13 pg. Mindful Connections: Surround Yourself with People who Ignite you!
  • 18 pg. Mindful Connections: Journal Workbook
  • 5 pg. From Conflict to Harmony: Dealing with Disputes Gracefully
  • 7 pg. Cycle of Toxicity: Getting Out of an Unhealthy Friendship
  • 7 pg. Finding Closure: A Guide to Healing After the End of a Friendship


Grab yours today and discover the life-changing benefits of intentionally selecting your friends.

Mindful Connections Collection

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